High Caliber

A gunslingin' magician from Emerald City, locked, loaded, and a hell of a lass.


Updates, Upgrades, and Appearances

Born in London, England but raised in Emerald City, Caroline Anne ‘Callie-Anne’ Chambers was a sweet, friendly individual. However, she was mature for her age, if a bit shy. Curious about the world around her, she ventured out on the town on weekends, spending much-needed quality time with her busy parents.

Callie-Anne’s shyness seemed to fade when watching action flicks at the Hong Kong Picture Show in downtown Emerald City (and she still does, to this day). It was bliss—larger-than-life badasses doing badass things, kicking ass, or saving the day. There, she befriended John Soo, the fun-loving owner of the theatre. From Aliens to Police Story to the Terminator, watching movies with her family and ‘Big Johnny’ helped Callie-Anne’s imagination soar, easing her mind through school, bullies, and supervillain attacks.

Unfortunately for the young Brit’s life, tragedy struck.

One night, on her way home from a friend’s place, Callie-Anne watched a man clad in white leave her home. The man – known to all as Kid Karma (Threat Report, p. 82) – hesitated after seeing her, offering a grim yet sobering statement without looking her in the eyes.

“One day, little one, you’ll understand. You won’t forget, and you won’t forgive, but you’ll understand,” Kid Karma said before walking away.

Confused and afraid, Callie-Anne raced to the open door of her home, her heart almost in her throat. There, cradled in her grieving mother’s arms, was her father, shot dead and lying in a pool of blood. Mortified, she ran for her life, trying to find and stop the man in white from vanishing, but she couldn’t.

The man was gone, vanished without a trace.

An inconsolable Callie-Anne headed home, too distraught to think while passing by a homeless woman. Asleep, the vagabond, holding a dirty, silver hand mirror, shifted in her slumber. And as a teary-eyed Callie-Anne walked past the mirror, a voice of a young woman, powerful yet soft-spoken, momentarily snapped her out of her despair.

“You sound miserable,” the woman said. “Come. May I see you?”

Callie-Anne soon identified the voice of former hero and Master Mage, Lady Seven (Freedom City, p. 266). Desperate and needing someone to talk to, she snatched the mirror. Over the next few months, despite the latter’s occasional outbursts, Callie-Anne and Serena bonded, talking about life, loss, hope, and how to cope during bouts of depression.

And one day, Lady Seven saw something in Callie-Anne. She wouldn’t say what it was but offered her a path.

It was a path that led Callie-Anne to the Elysian Natural Forest, discovering a hidden cave. Inside the cave, it housed an artefact Lady Seven believed could help Callie on that path. That artefact was an ancient and sentient revolving rifle named Unlucky Seven, its origin one of many mysteries for Callie-Anne to uncover.

But as she held the rifle, she made a new vow. It was a promise that both women agreed upon with a pinky promise.

As long as Lady Seven fought to save the Netherworld, Callie-Anne would prevent anyone else from experiencing loss as she felt, no matter the threat. And so, as an ode to Seven and her memories of those old-school action movies with her father, she took up the name High Caliber, refining her skills every day in secret.

And after a brief stint in heroism, gaining a mystical motorcycle in the process, High Caliber’s daring nature gained the attention of Claremont Academy headmaster Duncan Summers. Through a lengthy talk with her and her mother, High Caliber decided to enrol in the school. Although that silver mirror is lost, she still takes Lady Seven’s words to heart, unaware Serena still thinks about her.

Unbeknownst to Callie, Kid Karma also keeps tabs on her, keeping quiet about the dreadful secret of that fateful day.

(Art by /u/Phill-Art on Reddit)

Appearance and Personality

Callie-Anne Chambers is a teenage girl who looks and sounds mature for her age. An individual of average height, she keeps herself in tip-top shape. Her brown hair is usually in straight, flowing locks, but it’s styled into a tight bun or braids whenever the mood strikes her. Her most notable physical trait is her green eyes, piercing and hiding more than what meets the eye.

Whenever she doesn’t partake in heroism with her fellow Claremont classmates, Callie-Anne is an eloquent and respectful individual. Coupled with her posh accent, people seem to typecast her as a ‘typical Brit’. Callie-Anne chastises others for rash decisions, manners, and interrupting her “precious tea time”. While true to a small extent, Callie seeks to keep a promise made to Lady Seven, another young woman bound by and to forces she doesn’t quite understand yet. In doing so, Callie is usually the voice of reason, one to pull back hotheads from doing foolish things.

However, her new ‘bike’ and love of action movies tend to goad her into moments of teenage mischief. And that’s when High Caliber comes into the picture.

A personality distinct from her civilian identity, High Caliber is a typical 80s movie protagonist, combined with elements of 70s and 90s action movies and Callie’s subconscious thoughts made manifest. Bold, dramatic, full of quips, and willing to jump into Hell to save lives, High Caliber shows little regard for abhorrently evil foes and “pencil-necks that won’t do what needs to be done” for others. Although she opts never to take a life, sticking to Seven’s promise, High Caliber has no love lost for remorseless killers or power-hungry ‘varmints’, choosing to use more force than she’d like. She also speaks with a Southern accent. Why?

“It’s cool,” Callie often says.

Ironically enough, High Caliber uses a blend of magic and gun-fu (the latter ‘borrowed’ from Kid Karma) to daze her foes, typically resulting in a few nifty stunts of power. Usually, every 80s action hero only needs their weapon. And for Callie, that’s her sentient revolving rifle, Unlucky Seven.

For now, at least.

High Caliber

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